When do you need to replace your forklift

How do you know when to replace your forklift? That will be different for everyone. A forklift truck, like a tractor, accumulates “working hours” rather than miles. You will need to ask yourself if the forklift did too many hours or is it running up too much costs. You also need to consider that a new forklift truck will give you more flexibility or power to get the jobs done.

Some forklifts have a very long life span. You will notice that the maintenance and repairs are becoming more and more frequent. Your forklift still runs and steers smoothly, both loaded and unloaded, slow and fast. There is no play in the steering mechanism and no strange noises can be heard. However there are problems which should make you think to replace your forklift.

What are the symptoms?

If the hydraulics are leaking or your battery fails are symptoms to look for. The machine will drive but will not lift. You have the impression that the forklift truck is charging longer than it drives. A typical traction battery, when properly used, will wear out after being charged and discharged some 1,500 times. You may want to replace that expensive battery – a new diesel engine costs about as much as a new battery – but then you should first take a closer look at your entire truck. What about the attachments? Check it for thickness, burrs or cracks. The lift of your forklift is worn out when it has only 90% of its original thickness left. Also check the tires for wear and tear.

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When do you need to replace your forklift

Replacing your forklift with a different model

Maybe you are not using your forklift as often as you used to. This might be an indication that your equipment is not up to the job any more. You should then look into buying a more powerful machine or convert from diesel to electric. It is always better to make the decision when the old truck is still working.

Costs and benefits

You will need to have a close look at what work the forklift does for you and on the other hand have a look at the overall maintenance costs. If the forklift does not save you time and money and costs are ever increasing it is time to replace your old forklift.

Buying or renting?

Firstly you need to ask yourself the question if you want a new or used forklift to replace your old one. A new forklift comes with warranty and has very low maintenance. A used forklift however is cheaper and requires less capital. Although you are looking for a permanent forklift it is always worth considering renting a forklift. With rental theĀ  maintenance costs are included. Also you do not require a lot of money to purchase the forklift and you can try the forklift to check if the specifications are right for your warehouse or premises. A rental contract can also include that you can buy the forklift after a certain amount of time.

Unilift Forklift Solutions

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