How to maintain the battery of your electric forklift truck

Electric forklift trucks are increasingly more popular. The electric forklift is especially popular in warehouses. This is because the electric forklift is cleaner, quieter and more maintenance-friendly than a forklift that runs on diesel. To make optimal use of your electric forklift maintenance of the battery is very important. Some maintenance work must be performed daily, others weekly. In this blog article we guide you through the important maintenance of the battery of your electric forklift to increase performance and lifespan.

Voltage of the battery

When your business invests in an electric lift truck, it is important to think carefully about the battery’s power. After all, electric forklifts are available with various battery voltages. It is important that the voltage of the battery matches the power of the electric motor.

The battery or traction battery is the energy supplier of your electric lift truck. It goes without saying that such a traction battery requires maintenance for proper operation and a long service life.

Electric forklift in top condition

Unilift South Wales supplies electric forklift trucks with 2 types of batteries: the version with a traction battery and the version with a lithium-ion battery. The lithium-ion battery requires no maintenance. Does your company have an electric forklift truck with a traction battery or are you about to purchase such a forklift? Then take a critical look at the checklists below for daily and weekly maintenance. Following these points carefully will keep the traction battery of your electric lift truck in top condition.

How to maintain the battery of your electric forklift truck

Daily maintenance checklist for traction battery

  • It is good practise to charge the battery when around 20% charge is left.
  • Before charging the battery, start by disconnecting the battery and open the battery compartment cover or door.
  • Connect the battery and charger and turn on the charger.
  • When charging is complete, turn off the charger and disconnect the battery
  • Reconnect the battery to your lift truck.

Weekly traction battery maintenance checklist

  • Keep a close eye on the battery electrolyte level. Top up the level with demineralized water when the level enters the cell below the basket.
  • Refill up to the wide part of the basket. Do not overfill.
  • Always top up after charging, if the battery is still at the right temperature. Also do this if you have an automatic filling system.
  • Make sure the battery is always clean and dry.
  • Remove corrosion from the plasticized steel container or the poles.

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