Tips for buying a used forklift truck

Buying a used forklift can be an excellent solution for your business. Used forklift trucks are cheaper than a new forklift and can save you money. However whatever you pay you want to avoid unpleasant surprises. The range of reconditioned, second hand forklifts is large. So make sure you are well prepared. A thorough check is important when purchasing a used lift truck. Use the tips below to buy a used forklift that suits your work situation, frequency of use and budget.

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What are you going to use the forklift for?

For which activities are you going to use the forklift and how intensively (number of hours) are you going to use it? For example, work in a closed commercial space requires a different type of forklift than work that mainly takes place outdoors. Pay particular attention to the headroom and aisle widths. In order to lift and transport pallets safely, the required capacity and lifting height also play a decisive role in the choice of a forklift truck. For example, the nameplate and load diagram must provide clear text and explanation. If the choice ultimately falls on an electric forklift truck, then the power of the battery is also an important point of attention.

Check the maintenance history

Sometimes a second-hand forklift looks well maintained at first sight. Be suspicious by nature: appearances can be deceptive. For example, how many miles are there on the counter? How great has the burden been over the years? Or are there hidden flaws that require attention? That is why it is crucial to have a used forklift critically inspected. Many defects are not visible at first glance. Like cars, forklift trucks have an extensive maintenance history and maintenance plan. Both documents provide insight into the maintenance performed, the replaced parts and the repairs carried out. Review both documents critically. This gives you a much better impression of the condition of the lift truck.

Tips for buying a used forklift truck


Check the Certificate of Thorough Examination

Check whether the lift truck has a certificate of Thorough Examination. Only certified inspectors are allowed to carry out such a safety inspection. Independent bodies supervise the inspections and quality marks. In this way objectivity and quality are guaranteed. During intensive use of a forklift, wear and tear occurs. With a periodic inspection – in combination with maintenance – you can guarantee that the lift truck remains in good condition.

Inspect various parts of the forklift

Put it to the test and take a test drive to subject all parts to a functional check. Take a critical look at the following:

  • Does the engine run smoothly, without smoke development?
  • Do the hydraulic parts work smoothly?
  • Does the mast contain imperfections (think of play between guide rail and forklift)?
  • Is the fork free of cracks, do the existing locks function properly and is the thickness of the forkĀ  itself sufficient?
  • Are the brakes working and is the braking effect the same on both sides?
  • Is the lighting working and are all cables connected correctly?
  • Is the warranty on the battery still valid (only with electric forklifts)

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At Unilift South Wales we sell quality fully inspected used forklift trucks. All our forklift trucks are fully checked and if required repaired to a high standard. All our used forklift trucks also have a Through Examination. For your peace of mind we can also provide you with a maintenance plan to extend the life of your forklift. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.