Cookies and Privacy Policy

Unilift South Wales – Cookies and Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy in connection with our Terms & Conditions details the points upon which we handle Personal Data which we might collect from you. As follows is an explanation of our practices relating to personal data and how we utilise it.

We are enabled with the ability to hold and manage all personal data provided to us by you for the intentions as follows:- Sales and Marketing, Administration, Business Development, Employee Data, Account Histories, and related Site Delivery data. This data includes information captured by using fields on our website and also the automated collection of data by the use of ‘Cookies’ when you visit our company’s website.

Your data may be utilised by third parties whom we give permission to in order to provide additional information to you about related products and/or services we procure of pertinence to your interest. This can be by Telephone, E-Mail or Hard Copy provision. You may contact us directly in order to request that we do not utilise your data in this way if you would so prefer.

Copies of the information that we hold in relation to personal data are available for viewing in order to amend any discrepancies relating directly to any stored personal data.