Security functionality for Forklift Trucks

In recent decades the lift truck has evolved from a somewhat bulky-looking load carrier to a modern – and still just as indispensable – asset. More and more is possible in the field of technology and also safety. Thanks to modern technologies the workplace has become a safer place. We will discuss four commonly used smart gadgets that increase the safety of forklift trucks.

A forklift truck is still an indispensable asset, with which goods can be stacked quickly, easily and flexibly and transported from A to B. However, if a forklift is being used improperly your forklift truck can pose a great danger to both the forklift driver and the direct environment. Fortunately, there are various safety systems that make working with the forklift truck safer. A selection of the frequently used safety systems.

Forklift seat belts and handles

No modern technology or clever gadgets, but absolutely indispensable for working safely with the lift truck: seat belts and cab gates or handles. They prevent the forklift driver from being trapped between the truck and the floor if the forklift truck tips over sideways. It is not without reason that the use of safety systems that prevent this is mandatory.

Unfortunately practice shows that there are still forklift truck drivers who do not understand the importance of these safety systems. That is why modern forklift trucks have a safety system that the forklift can only be oprated when the belt, the bracket or the fence are used correctly.

Forklift speed reduction

Another method that is being used to increase safety in the workplace is the automatic reduction of the driving speed, for example when cornering. Smart sensors continuously monitor the steering wheel angle and transmit a signal to the truck’s controls when danger is imminent. Even in busy areas, where there are many pedestrians or crossing traffic, the forward speed of the forklift truck can be automatically adjusted. In that case it is referred to as speed zoning.

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Safety Systems Forklift

Forklift active stability monitoring

Active stability monitoring goes a step further than speed reduction. Not only is the driving speed reduced during cornering but the position of the mast is also monitored using sensors. Overloading or tilting the mast too far (dangerous) at height can thus be prevented.

Forklift safety lights

For a safe workplace, it is important that your forklifts stand out. Visibility of forklifts is even in the top 10 measures that can be taken to increase safety in the warehouse, according to research. In addition to good lighting, forklifts are increasingly equipped with an additional safety lamp, such as the BlueSpot or the RedSpot. These cast – in the direction of travel of the truck – a clearly visible, respectively blue or red spot on the work floor.

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