Forklift Truck – Renting Vs Buying

Forklift trucks are used in many sorts of work places. From warehouse to a building site forklift trucks can be an extremely useful tool for your business. But will you buy a new forklift truck? Or maybe buy a second hand forklift truck? And there is the option of renting a forklift truck. In this article we would like to make an overview of the advantages of either buying or renting a forklift truck. In this article we will compare renting a forklift truck to buying a forklift trucks.

Renting a forklift truck

Forklifts can be rented on a long or short term basis. From for example just a month to several years. It prevents companies forking out large upfront fees. Another advantage is that there are no maintenance fees. These are all included when you rent a forklift truck. This include the Thorough Examination which is required for any forklift truck.

Or maybe you require a different type of forklift for different sort of jobs. Forklift hire can provide you with a different forklift truck suitable for any sort of job you need to do for any given time. You will always use state of the art equipment when renting at a lower cost.

Rental forklift trucks

Buying a forklift truck

When you buy a forklift truck either new or used you will own the forklift truck and will not have to pay monthly costs towards your forklift truck. You will also very likely have the advantage of a tax advantage.

When you will use your forklift truck a lot you have to be aware that in many rental contracts there is a maximum hours of usage per day. Also when you need the forklift truck for a long amount of time it might be cheaper to buy a forklift.

You will have to pay for any damage on a rental forklift so if for example you work in rugged terrain where there is more likely the forklift can get damaged it may be cheaper to buy a forklift truck.

Also when you want some specific options or features on your forklift truck you need to realise that  rental forklift trucks all come as standard forklift trucks without modifications. When you buy a forklift truck any sort of features can be installed to make your forklift truck optimised for the task in hand.

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