Forklift Solutions for eCube Solutions

At Unilift South Wales we provide forklift truck solutions all over South Wales. Unilift South Wales provides new forklifts and used forklift trucks for sale.

At Unilift South Wales we have been supporting eCube Solutions with all the companies requirements where lifting is concerned. Our forklift truck services to eCube Solutions include purchase of forklifts, forklift rental solutions, forklift truck servicing and forklift testing.

Big Lift Solutions for eCube Solutions

eCube Solutions Ltd, based in St Athan in South Wales, is a major player in the aviation industry of aircraft recycling. As with any recycling business the use of forklift trucks of all sizes are extensively required for material handling.

A recent forklift requirement from eCube Solutions was to have a forklift supplied that was capable of lifting some of the largest and heaviest jet engines that can be fitted in airliners. This type of operation had not been handled previously by eCube Solutions Ltd.

They required a forklift truck supplier who had the knowledge to work out the capabilities of a forklift to lift a jet engine safely taking into consideration of the weight and load centre of the component. Due to our experience and knowledge regarding heavy lifting we were able to confirm all the requirements prior the placing an order for a forklift. We managed to source eCude Solutions with a refurbished forklift which is perfect for the job.

Below image is the SMV 15120 forklift truck supplied by Unilift South Wales handling one of the large jet engines

Forklift Solutions for eCube Solutions