Why should you rent a forklift truck

Even if your warehouse is running smoothly and you are satisfied with your forklift fleet there may be seasonal times when you need a little extra help in your warehouse or business premises.

In the logistics world short-term rental of a forklift truck is often chosen to reduce stress in peak periods but there may be other good reasons to rent a forklift for a short period even during quieter times of the year.

Regardless of the size of your business or premises renting a forklift can help you. Unilift South Wales have listed a number of advantages for you why to rent a forklift.

Renting a forklift is cheaper than buying

Buying forklifts to expand your business can be very expensive and will use up your cash which can be used for other purposes as well. Why not opt ​​for renting next time? If demand remains high in the future you can consider purchasing your forklift truck. If not you will save money with short-term forklift rental.

Forklift rental enables you to try before buying

It is important to buy the right forklift. You do not want to make such an expensive purchase too quickly. To make a good choice you can rent a number of forklift trucks for a short period of time to try them out before purchasing them. That way you will know for certain what forklift is right for you.

Manageable costs when renting a forklift

With short-term forklift truck rent managing your costs is a lot easier. When renting a forklift with Unilift South Wales we will determine the costs for the desired rental period at the start. The costs are therefore predictable and that prevents surprises when it is time to pay the invoice.

Quick solutions with rental forklift

One of the great advantages of renting a forklift is that the forklift can be delivered on a very short timescale. There is no need to wait for a forklift to be produced which allows you to switch to a higher capacity very quickly.

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Why should you rent a forklift truck

Easy to return when surplus to requirements

Your rented forklift might have been ideal to avoid stress around Christmas but what happens next? If you can handle the workload with your regular fleet you do not need to have a forklift unused in your warehouse. You can simply return the rented forklift.

Service is included in rental contract

Warehouses are complex environments. Accidents are rare and limited but can never be completely ruled out. When renting a forklift from Unilift South Wales service, thorough examination and maintenance are included to guarantee a safe and reliable forklift.

Wide choice of forklift types for rental

When you rent a forklift for a short period your choice is usually not limited to the forklifts that are currently in production. Unilift South Wales forklift fleet consist of machines of all ages and usage levels. Whatever you want to do or whatever amount you want to spend there is usually a suitable forklift available.

Unilift South Wales forklift rental

Forklift hire solutions from Unilift South Wales with the widest choice of rental for all your heavy lifting ideal for seasonal jobs. At Unilift South Wales we offer forklift truck rental services for any period of time from a day upwards. We offer competitive and flexible terms, including the option to purchase at the end of the agreement. Equipment is available by the day, week or month and we can deliver and collect from your premises. We have the perfect rental solution for your temporary or seasonal requirement. We offer the perfect solution for your warehouse or outdoor lifting work and provide you with the perfect fork truck for the job in hand.