What type of forklift to rent for a warehouse

Often it can be better to hire a forklift than to buy one. Contract hire often comes with much lower costs than the purchase of a forklift truck. Rental solutions also include servicing and maintenance. Especially when you only require a forklift truck for seasonal peaks it is much better to hire a forklift. When you are looking to hire a forklift for your warehouse it is important to choose the right forklift. Not every forklift is suitable for the layout of your warehouse. Unilift gives you a guide to make sure you know what to look for when renting a forklift for your warehouse.

Warehouse forklift trucks are electrical in comparison to the heavy duty outside diesel forklift trucks. However there are two types of warehouse forklift trucks to consider.

Forklift rental for warehouse

Space comes at a premium in a warehouse. Often every square meter in your warehouse is used to maximise your space. Operating in narrow spaces and narrow aisles safety is a must when it comes to forklift truck equipment. A warehouse can have narrow aisles and very narrow aisles depending on the layout and the products stored. Narrow aisles are typically less than 10.5 feet across and offer more storage opportunities but create challenges in turning within the narrow aisles using forklifts for stocking and order picking.

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What type of forklift to rent for a warehouse

Reach trucks are often used to stack in narrow aisle environments. Swivel reach trucks are versatile and can be used for both stacking and order picking as well as being driven in narrow aisles or throughout the warehouse. Reach trucks can be used in combination with order pickers to pick orders from higher racks and end-control riders which efficiently pick from the floor level and efficiently move materials horizontally.

The 3 wheel electric forklift is often the forklift of choice for warehouses. This forklift can operate within narrow aisles and is flexible enough to be a primary forklift for warehouse applications.

Unilift forklift hire for warehouse

At Unilift we are experts in providing you with a forklift solution suited to your warehouse. We can offer the complete forklift hire solution and we will asses your warehouse to ensure we will provide you with the right forklift for you. Our forklift rental includes servicing and maintenance to give you peace of mind. Do not hesitate to contact us today for the perfect forklift hire solution for your warehouse.